Mentalist / Actor / Consultant


Bill puts on a show that is truly entertaining. We are still talking about it. His show is definitely a must see.
Bill’s show will deliver high-energy, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing entertainment that promises to impress.
This was a fantastic show. Unique is the best word I can think of to describe it. You will not be disappointed. It will stay with you.

Bill is a mentalist, actor, and consultant. 

On stage and television, Bill is often viewed as having true psychic abilities. Dubbed a "master manipulator of thoughts and behavior" by the Press, Bill is a performer who combines hypnosis, NLP™, suggestion, psychology, directed awareness, and showmanship in order to seemingly predict and control human behavior as well as perform mental feats that appear supernatural.

Bill is currently the headlining entertainer at the Iris Theater. He performs a sophisticated and thought-provoking stage act that involves a high level of audience participation. By involving audience members both on the stage and from their seats, Bill creates an experience that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time.

When he gets a break between stage shows, television, and public appearances; you can usually find Bill behind a piano or a camera lens. Music and photography have always been a way for Bill to further express his creative side with a unique artistic twist.

Bill says, “The look on a person’s face when they have just witnessed a miracle, whether it be during a performance or some other interaction, is what makes me wake up early and go to bed late. When I see that look, I know that I have created a moment in that person’s life that they will remember forever.”

Creating moments is the goal behind all of Bill's work.

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