I have seen many shows over my many years of travel. Never have I been so entertained. Bill Gladwell is a MUST-SEE!!! He keeps you entertained and amazes you with his “thought reading” abilities. I expected a few surprises, but his talents far exceeded what I anticipated. I will see Bill again!
Let’s face it, Bill Gladwell belongs in Vegas. His show is an absolute must-see. What he does will blow your mind!
Bill revealed things that were impossible to know.


Bill Gladwell LIVE!  •  Two Thought Minimum  •  Head Case

Bill puts on a show that is truly entertaining. We are still talking about it. His show is definitely a must see.

Bill Gladwell will read your mind.

(That’s a lie.)

Bill Gladwell, however, will read your thoughts.

(That’s the truth.)

Bill consistently stuns audiences across the nation with his live stage shows by providing entertainment that will exceed your expectations; and he eliminates the stress experienced by bookers and planners, because he knows what matters most:

  • Theater goers experience a critically acclaimed performance,
  • Employees leave corporate events feeling excited and with an experience like no other,
  • Special events become lifelong memories, and
  • Bill is professional and a pleasure to work with off the stage.

During his 75-minute performance, Bill will seemingly pull thoughts directly from your mind, predict what you will say before it comes out of your mouth, and read you like an open book.

93% of communication is your body language and the way that you say things. That means that most of what you're communicating isn't coming out of your mouth. Bill has spent the last two decades mastering the art of reading these cues to know what you are feeling and thinking... sometimes even before you do.

In short, Bill uses information from your nonverbal communication to give the appearance of true psychic ability. When combined with psychology, suggestion, directed awareness, humor, and showmanship; you get a performance that will be talked about for days and remembered for a lifetime.

An example, Bill may ask someone to concentrate on their first kiss. He then proceeds to describe details of that moment including the name of the other person.